John Smith

As many others in Britain, I have moved here from another place. I come from USA and have lived there since I were born. However, my wife is from Britain. Because the most of her family is from Britain, and she missed them a lot, we decided to move here. I moved here with my wife and my child in 2000. One other thing that made the decision much easier is because it is a bit calmer here then in USA. My wife's name is Marie and my child's name is Sofie. We live in the beautiful city Notthingham, and we both work here. I work as a doctor and my wife works as a nurse, both at the local hospital. We all have dreams, and I have a dream that I hope will come true. I want to move out from the city and find a house on the country side. Live in a big house with a huge garden, with a bigger family and a dog. That is my dream. A big place that my family from USA can stay when they are coming to visit, and that my wifes family also could stay there. I place were we could get together with the people we love.

My hometown in Britain is Nottingham. I am very happy about our decision to live here. It is a beautiful city with a good place for my little girl to grow up. The big river Trent is close up and there are around a quarter million innhabitants. My little girl has loved Robin Hood since she was born. Nottingham is the city where the big legend about Robin Hood comes from. There are also good places for my daughter to go on a university. Because Robin Hood is such a huge legend, Nottingham has a lot of tourisme and festivals . The Sherwood Forest is very popular, and a lot of people do travel to Nottingham just to walk in it. Also the Nottingham Castle is very popular. There are to huge festivals here in Nottingham and they are named : Robin Hood Pageant and Robin Hood Festival. As any other english city we have a football team, and it is called Nottingham Forest. The team has not played in top division since 1999, but we still support it.


When I arrived in England, my wifes family met us and every single member of the family that lived in England was there. My first impression of UK was very good. It is a beautiful nature and the people are very nice. They are much more polite then the Americans have ever been. Some of the things that I liked the most when I arrived was the food. They have a lot of different to choose from, and not just only fast food. Football has never been my favorite sport until now. I love the team Livepool and are watching every single match they play. Another thing I really like about UK is that the holligans are amazing. I love watching a game with them, because they putting there soul into the game. Other then the holligans, food and nature, I like how calm it is on the country side. I can relax and sleep deeply, without hearing a people on the street and cars driving past all the time.

Well I am 40 years old and my wife is 37 years old. My daughter is almost 10 and we are expecting another child. When we arrived in Nottingham it was nice city. After two days with moving in, we went to London. I think London has everything that I associate with the UK. They have the world know "red double decker". This busses are very known all over the world, along with "Buckingham Palace". The Quenn and the royal family is very central in the UK. She is a woman with a lot of respect around the world, so not only with the English people. Something I find very British is that they drink tea and scones. My wifes family bakes scones very often and drinks tea every morning. As a child I looked at UK as a place for the big snobs, who drank tea and aet cookies on a plate.
Football is very British. We do have one of the most known teams in the world that is : Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. They are known for having the hooligans, that loves football with there life. When a game is done, sometimes it can turn out to a fight between the two teams fans.

Today's society influences everybody. There are both good and bad ways. One thing that has been a huge thing for people in this year and the year before, is health. That people should be more healthy, eat more healthy and work out more. It is a huge pressure on especially teenagers and young adults. The pressure to be thin and have the “perfect body” is really big. This can lead to “mental illness”, and that is Britain's biggest problem now. They say that around 1 - 4 people are going to have an mental illness trough there life.
This big pressure on being thin and healthy could also lead to a lot of depressions and things like that. Also eating disorders have been larger, and that is not a good sign. Today it is normal that boys also develops eating disorders. In the “old days”, it was not normal for boys to have it. It was seen as a disease that only women or girls had.
The “mental illness” can also come from a lot of other things. Some of them could be assaults, sexual assaults, family problems and other private things. It is very hard to know how many who has a “mental illness”, but there are a lot more people then we think. The private situations are the most difficult situations we know about, and that is mostly because they think it is embarrassing.
So the biggest problem in Britain today is “Mental Illness”, and as the society develops, more and more people are going to get it. Both anxiety, depressions and also eating disorders.

British culture has a lot to offer. Some of the things I thought when they said : “What is British culture ?” I answered : “British culture is : English breakfast and that they are polite. “ Those are the things that I think of. A English breakfast is egg and bacon, with a cup of tea. Tea is very important if you live in Britain, I have noticed. They are very polite. If you bump into them, and it was all your fault, they would still say “Sorry!” So some of the British Culture is very simple.


Your wife goes into labour and delivers twin boys.
Dear Diary :
One of the biggest happenings in my life did just happen. Around three hours ago, my wife gave birth to twins. They are both boys, and there are nothing wrong with them. The caesarean operation went extremely well, so I have no worries. Under the operation I fainted, and woke up just before the boys got out.
I was at work when she first got pain, and the pain was labours. She was screaming and had some really strong labours. My 14 year old son was home when it started, and the first thing he did was to call me. Since my workplace is so far away from the city, I had to rush. I ran to the boss and told him the news, and after I got the rest of the day of I drove to the hospital. Both my son and wife were in the ambulance car, so I did not have to pick them up on the ride. I did not understand what was going on, before I saw the ambulance drive past me with the blue lights and sirens. It was then I understood that my wife could be in danger, and that there are a lot of things who could go wrong. I then turned up the speed, and I think people thought I was a maniac, because I drove so fast.
When I got to the hospital, I ran into the maternity ward. I found my son on a chair, because he did not have the strength to stay in there with her. I talked to a midwife, and got in to the room were my wife lied.
I was the one who got the chance to cut the babies navel-string. I cut them perfectly, well it was what the doctors said, so I do not now if they lied or not. They were identical twins, and I did not see the differences between them. My son came into the room when all of the nurses and doctors had left, because he has never been fond of hospitals. I do not now why, but I am going to fix it, one way or another.
Before we knew it, her parents was at the door and wanted to congratulate us. They had bought a big teddy bear and a beautiful flower. It was very pretty, and my wife started crying when she saw her mum. They have a very close relationship, so it was a very though moment.
Well, she gave birth to the second and the third boy, so I am extremely happy. She will be the only women, but she is the one in the house that is going to have most respect. There are none of us that is going to try to discuss with her, because we know that she is right. This day was a day I will never forget, and it was amazing.

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